Monday, November 5, 2007

What a wonderful

family weekend I had... It was totally unplanned and it was the best time I've had in awhile. A true fun family weekend. On Friday, guess who sang to me? No, not my DH...Although that would be really funny. Yes, the one and only Marc Anthony. I had the best time with my mom, sister in law, niece and Jorge. It was a great concert. It lasted three hours which is a total treat and totally worth the $. They both sang separately than at the end of the concert they sang together. My pics aren't great but that's how they are going in my scrapbook. I plan to use Cocoa Daisy's November kit for this event.

Then on Saturday, we all went to Ribfest in Homestead. I don't personal like ribs but the gang enjoyed an array of ribs from different vendors. I had chicken and a blooming onion. Totally delish...

Finally on Sunday, my mom, sis-in-law and I enjoyed a day of Christmas shopping. It was great to have a weekend with no worries or stresses. I haven't scrapped but I definitely have some wonderful memories to scrap of this weekend...

Look at these awesome kits I'll be getting this month.

Get them before there gone. The first one is from Cocoa Daisy and the second one is from Work In Progress. You should also check out the add-ons. They are simply delicious. Can't wait to get scrapbooking... So many layouts, so little time.

Have a wonderful week and peace out everyone.


The Creative Juice Bar said...

Hi Ady!
What I wouldn't give for some ribs! Yummmmm!
I read your message that you met my godmother and friend Daisy in Orlando. What a small world! Did you have fun?? I'd love to attend a CKU sometime. maybe next year.
I'll try to blog in English...and thanks for your comments. They make me happy ;-)
Bises, Denise

Anilu Magloire said...

How cool!! I so wanted to go to that concert!!
So, is J Lo really pregnant? :P
Can't wait to get together and scrap.

Magpie said...

Love your blog banner! Can't wait to see what you make with those awesome kits.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

yeah, is she pregnant or what? I hope the baby looks like her! LOL!

Hi my BFF! I miss you and I wanted to stop by and say "Hi" from Barcelona... I updated my blog again with some new pics for you to check out. Guess what? My journaling cards are awesome and I was using them up until I got to Seville and then my pen broke and I didn't bring a back-up so....I am writing on hotel note papers for now cause I want it all to be fresh on my mind. Plus, blogging helps too cause I can just print it out and voila!

So glad you had a great weekend with the deserve it :-)

Love ya!

~Nancy~ said...

Sounds like you had a great family weekend! Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing..and the kits look sooo yummie.. can't wai tto see what you create with it!!!! XOXO

Dayami said...

My friend was there on Friday too.
Yes ladies, Jennifer Lopez is FOR SURE WITHOUT A DOUBT pregnant!!! The videos that I saw at a local channel here in Miami definitely tells you she is super pregnant. Or she swallowed a 20 lb watermelon, lol!
Ooh ribs! yum. I didnt know they had that in Homestead. Is that every year? That's not far from me. I live 5-10 min away from MetroZoo.
TFS ;)

Balou said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad you were able to do something fun and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

I love Marc Anthony and I was SUPER LUCKY to get to see him at a private VIP show at Billboard Live a couple of years ago (I say lucky because the tix weren't mine; I got invited at the last minute). It was a small venue, so he was "thisclose" and his voice - OMG!! Para desmayarse! I still think he looks like un sapo, but that VOICE! Holy crap!

Miss scrapping with you! =(