Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spring Cleaning

in da house... I'm so tired but oh so happy. I love the idea of purging, repurposing and just having a clean house. I wanted to take full advantage of this summer so I'm making the most of every minute to really accomplish a lot of summer goals. This weekend I began my spring cleaning.. I'm a couple of months behind but ah who cares...

I started with my scrap room. OMG this room was in total chaos... I felt clostophobic in this space so I rearranged the furniture yet again and it looks so much more spacious.. I purged some supplies and organized.

My son's room was a mission and a half to say the least. I made him sit with me and go through every single toy he owns and decide what to keep, toss, or donate... It only took three hours but we did it and I'm so happy... He's room is immaculate and clean... Yaaaaaaa. I finished the weekend by rearranging my bedroom furniture and it actually looks bigger too. What a super productive weekend it was for me.

Damaris' kiddos have been wanting to sleep over so there here tonight. We went grocery shopping and I let them pick whatever they wanted and we had a picnic on the living room floor while watching BEE Movie... They are sure having a good time. I'm off to finish the movie and put them to bed.

Summer Camp starts tomorrow for D'Angelo so he'll have plenty to do. I'll update some pics of this weekend this week but I'll leave you with a layout I did a couple of weeks ago with the Scarlet Lime kit.

Peace Out...


Anna M-W said...

Yay! Clean house! Isn't it the best feeling?

Beautiful LOs!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I've gotta get started with my SPRING cleaning soon, too! I have lots of drawers and closets and a couple of rooms to organize and clean out!! Love these layouts... simply beautiful! :-)

bwgayoso said...

Girl, you and I were on the same wave length this weekend. I also did some major cleaning. It feels so good to be organized, again!

Cute layouts!

Anonymous said...

I love a clean house that is clutter free too ;) a week ago I did just like you went through all of my daughter's toys and we ended up with 2 huge bags of toys that we donated to the Ronald McDonald house here in Hobart, Tasmania :) it was a good feeling ;D

All the best with your spring cleaning ;)


Dayami said...

you know that when I hear the words "clean house" its like you are telling me you are giving me a million dollars, right? i love it!!! good for you!!!!!!!!
also, i want to sleep over one of these days too, okay? ;)
take pics of your scraproom ;)

Anonymous said...

You go girl! That is some major undertaking -- spring cleaning AND you still got some scrapping done. You should be proud. I love hearing that word "repurpose". I have been in the same mode over the past few weeks. If I finally get the organizing and simplifying done, I'll take a picture and post. Some day.