Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guess what's

happening this month? Yes, it's my birthday, it's my birthday go Ady, it's my birthday month... I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY... It's the day that I pamper myself to the max! I'm a bit sad though because my DH will not be here with me to celebrate but that man sure knows how to make it up to me so it's all good ;-)

I've already started receiving presents from my BFF. She can't keep a surprise to save her life which is great for me because I've been getting presents just about everytime we scrap together. WhoHoo. Vane do you want to get together next week end? wink, wink.
I LOVE my two presents so far. She gave me the April kit of the month from Lisa Bearnson and the July Project kit from WIP. I am one lucky Puerto Rican... Thank you Vane from the bottom of my heart... I love you very much...

The icing on the cake was winning this RAK from Trish at WIP. I can't wait to meet her in November at her scrapbooking retreat. Thank you Trish for all the wonderful goodies...

I can't wait to get together with my peeps and scrap at our LSS. It's not that local but it's definitely worth the drive. I am so giddy... I can't wait.
I've been working on my layouts for Scrapbook Designs July kit. I've loved working with this kit because I've been able to catch up on pending projects here and there so I feel liked I've accomplished so much. Thank you Damaris for making me a part of your team. I love you girl.

I'm off to bed because I'm sooooo tired now. I really wanted to share all the exciting things in my life right now. Have a wonderful week... Peace out.


Maritza said...

Happy Birthday!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Go Ady, it's your birthday, go Ady, it's your b-day, it's your b-day!!! I love you, too, girlie!!! You ROCK my world! LOL!

I'm so glad you like your presents... and just think... there's more to come. He, he, he! I gave you the first one because I knew you would know I bought it for you as soon as you saw me playing with mine... and then the WIP project kit. Well, what can I say? You really wanted that bad boy and I wanted you to plan for 4th of July and your PR trip knowing you already had this in your hands! ENJOY!!!

bwgayoso said...

Ady, I'm so glad you are having fun so far! I'm sure hubby will make it up to you for not being there during your bday ; )

Can't wait till our scrapping day!

Anna M-W said...

Yay birthday month!!!!

I love all your goodies.

Thanks for all your sweet sweet comments. You Miami ladies need to let me know the next time you all get together so I can come down.

jo said...

Happy birthday month!!! :)

jamie said...

hey ady...happy happy birthday to you...when is the official day. we have 4 birthday this month in our family...what a month...and to celebrate with the country too...how great is that!
love all your goodies. we expect to see great things with all your new stash.
and i am not a big jealous you get to go to trish's retreat this fall...that is a bday gift all it's own.