Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get ready, Get set, GO!!!

What a super productive weekend I've had. I can't believe how much I accomplished by not steping out of my house for two whole days. WhooHoo... My son has been fighting a nasty cold so I vowed to stay home and have him rest so I brought my Mom to hang out with me because she's so much fun to hang with. We can talk about everything and anything under the sun and she really motivates me on pending projects.

We tackled clothes this weekend. We purged my son's entire wardrobe. BTW, he has no clothes... I don't know how it happened but I had size 5 clothes in his closet. He's 9 peoples... What's up with that. We donated (to his brothers) three garbage bags of clothes. WOW... I know what we're asking Santa for. LOL... Poor kid he's going to be so disappointed Christmas morning but I will be oh so happy.

We moved on to my room and I did all the laundry, folded and put it away. This is big for me folks because I'm a proscrastinator with clothes. I hate the process... I even tried on all my clothes for my upcoming trip to Ohio for a scrapbook retreat hosted by the wonderfully talented Trish from Work In Progress. I'm so excited to meet her IRL and spend the weekend scrapping, eating, shopping and relaxing. Oh and it's packed and ready to go...

I've also started preparing my projects, printing my pictures and deciding what is essential that I take and what I can leave behind. I'll be working on Halloween and also some keepsake albums I want to give as gifts this Christmas. These are the beautiful pictures I'll be working on.

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch for the perfectly expensive pumpkin that we could have purchased at Publix for $5 but the fun times and photos were priceless.

Jorge and D'Angelo carving the pumpkin. I love this photo of Jorge watching D grossed out taking pumpkin guts out. Did you notice the Christmas presents in the corner of the picture. Yes peeps I've started and made quite a dent in my holiday shopping. I'm one happy Puerto Rican.

I made goodie bags for D's school and I made extras for the neighborhood kids. I loved how those tags turned out.

Trick o Treating with my girls. I love them soooooo much. I always have a great time with them.

Well, that's all for now. I don't know if I'll be able to post much this week because I have a lot on my plate before I leave but I've really neglected this blog this month and last and I hope I haven't lost my my cyber buddies.

Oh, BTW check out Damaris blog for a cool ATC project she wants to do and I'm so onboard because I have an ATC holder that has five cards and I really want to do it so who's in?

Oh, you also have to check out Vane's blog and check out her cool photos she posted today. I won't say anything about it so you can check it out for yourself. Super cool...

I'm off to get some ZZZZZZZ's. Peace out...


Damaris said...

Girl: I missed you. I was about to send a search party for you!!! I am sooooo jealous...I have a million and one things to do...what can I say? Just pray for me and the plane!!!

bwgayoso said...

Ady that pic of D' holding the pumpkin is so cute! I love the one with Jorge laughing. I hope you have loads of fun at Trish's crop! Have a great trip and take lots of pics!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

These photos are too darn cute... great scrap material! Glad you made it through the closet cleaning... size 5? Yikes!!! LOL! I can't wait to go to Ohio with you, my BFF!!!! I'm so excited. Love ya!!