Saturday, February 21, 2009

A tour

of my scappy space. This is our multifunctional space. My hubby says it's all mine but I did try to make an area just for him. I love how light and airy it is... I purged a lot of scrappy stuff I know I am never going to use again.

This picture was taken at the entrance of the room. I have the space divided into two sections leaving the center open for my son to play on the floor while my hubby and I are at our desk.

This is a dedicated area for magazines and inspiration. My BFF found this magazine rack at Home Goods and I love it. It holds so many magazines but takes little space. I really wanted a magnetic board but I couldn't find one with a wood frame so I bought this and I actually like how it looks with my chair. The Live, Laugh, Love vinyl sticker was purchased at KOHL's. It's my blog name so I had to have it :-)

My newest purchase, the expedit... Every scrapper should really own one of these. It's inexpensive but it really holds a lot of things. I have four baskets on the top cubes. One basket has my mini books, the other basket has some punches, the third basket holds all my alphabets and the fourth basket has my stamps. The bottom cubes house some of my albums that I'm still working on. I still have plenty of space for more albums.

The top of my expedit has my Clip It Up a total necessity, my Epson printer {I heart it}, my basket of flowers and another basket of acrylic mini stamps. I am notorious for buying flowers and I never use them but ever since I put them in this basket, I have put my flowers to good use. That makes me very happy.

This drawer from IKEA is another great buy. It is perfect for all my specialty papers, for example my top drawers hold my 4*6 photo paper, the second drawer holds 8*10 photo paper and so forth. I love that everything has it's place. I also love my Making Memories Embellishment Center.

This is a wood scalloped chalkboard I picked up in a cute antique store in Ohio while on a scrapbooking retreat. I'm using it for my "Wish List" so my honey won't need to guess for present ideas.

This is the area where I scrap. I love the Elfa system from the Container Store and I've bought many pieces for my home. It has helped me a lot in getting organized. Again, I have more Making Memories organizational pieces that contain all my tools and projects I'm currently working on. Both desk are lined up side by side. The printer is directly in the center so that we have equal space to work with. I have plenty of shelf space for odds and ends. The brown baskets have all my paints and inks.

Last but definitely not least, this is where all the scrappy stuff is hidden. This is my walk in closet in my scrap space. Again, I used Elfa system for all the storage shelves for paper, albums, baskets and more.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my scrappy, happy place. I still want to add a couple of things here and there especially some curtains but I'll get to it soon. Having the space so organized has inspired me to create.

Have a great weekend and Happy scrapping...


laverneboese said...

I love your scrap space!!!!! It is sooooo neat and organized. And you even have a scrappy closet? I'm totally jealous!

Trish said...

Oh, ADY!!! It is absolutely beautiful, just like the owner. :) I swear that someday I will be in there with you to scrap my friend!! Big hugs to you and all the work it has taken to make it look that wonderful. Love ya!!

Damaris said...


Maritza said...

I LOVE IT! I love the colors, your accessories and the perfect placement. OK that's it, you are killing me. Between you and Vanessa my poor daughter has one foot out the door. However, I do have to duke it out with my son; she has the best view and the biggest closet. Seriously, may you only know happiness, joy and many LOs in this room. God Bless!

Margie said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing it in person...yay for me! I love it...but I already told you that, in person;)

bwgayoso said...

Love your room!!! Those green walls are beautiful! Enjoy your newly redone space : )

alma said...

Felicidades mi amiga valio la pena todo el tiempo que le dedicastes a tu cuarto, esta espectacular me encanta.
Besos. Alma

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE it all!!!!! How refreshing and inspiring :-) when can I come over? LOL!!! Love ya!

jo said...

I love love LOVE your scrap space! Thanks for sharing the pics - I'm TOTALLY inspired!!! :)

Dayami said...
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Dayami said...

Yea!! I love this space. Wishing you lots of fun, creative moments in your gorgeous room.

Kyla said...

This is just GORGEOUS! Hoping mine looks HALF this good, when I finally get moved in! PURE HEAVEN!

(Visiting from "The Creativity Project. . .) ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome! i just love my elfa desk too! it's such a clean look (when i keep my desk clean:)