Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm on a roll

really I am. I have been scrapbooking like crazy and loving every minute of it. My scrapbook room not so much. I've been creating without cleaning up after myself so you scrapers know how bad it can get. Well, I'm there, I'm frustrated and I want to start over and re-decorate, purge and purchase new bins and what knots but of course I can't and I won't so I must work with what I have.

I was blog surfing last night and I came across Karen Russell's scrapbook room. You must check it out, it's beautiful, spacious, organized and inspiring. Right now my room has none of the above. I'm determined to make it work. The problem lies is that this 10*10 room serves as a scrapbook room, a home office and a work space for my hubby although he doesn't fit so he's at the dining room table. I really want him to have his space soon because he's back in school earning an MBA (I'm so proud of him) and he needs his space.

This is what some of the room looks like now.

This is the only place that there is space for me to work in.

This is why I have a mess. I'm so happy to be working with SNS creating layouts for the store. I'm thinking out of the box, using the supplies that are provided to it's fullest potential and using papers I wouldn't necessarily gravitate towards so it's a win, win situation for me.

For this double page layout I used the new line by My Little Shoebox "Who loves you" line just released in CHA Summer 2009. I'm guilty for loving what's latest and greatest so this line was a must have. You can find the entire line at the store so head on down. I used Glimmer Mist on the green cardstock to give it shine and texture.

Well, I'm off to edit more photos from my vacation that need to be printed soon. Goodnight and thanks for visiting me...


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

LOVE that layout!!!!! Awesome girl :-) Oh, and Karen Russell's scrap room is a dream come true for me... I had already printed it all out at work to get inspired and organize a few things... oooohh, aaahhhh! xoxo

RiNNE said...

Supercute l.o.!!! I know what you mean about leaving a mess after scrapping! Karen's space is definitely organized & spacious! But I think you can really do wonders with yours. Take it from me who doesn't have a room at the moment :(.

Damaris said...

On the room: YOU ARE PATHETIC! cambialo mamita...para jorgie te parta por el medio!!!!!!! LOL
On the layout: LOVE IT!!

Maritza said...

Oh snap, I like your taste in dining tables; I have the same one. You just have to accept that there is a price to pay for being so creative, mess for beautiful LOs, I think it's worth it.

jo said...

Wow! Karen Russell's room is so inspiring - but so is yours! You should set a timer for 15 minutes a day and just organize your room. I did with mine and it helped A LOT. Made me feel productive to get something done everyday!

Love My Little Shoebox! That layout is super cute!