Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Randomness Wednesday

Hi Peeps, I wanted to share some of the beautiful personalized presents I received for my birthday. I've been too lazy to take pictures but my friends have and I want you to see what I've received.

My buddy Jo made me this beautiful card. Look at the detail coloring of the girl. Simply beautiful. Thank you Jo for thinking of me and taking the time to make me something so heartfelt.

Maritza joined me in celebrating my birthday at Damaris' house and she made me this which matches my room perfectly and is sitting on my beautiful chair. Thank you Maritza your present is beautiful.

Actually, I love all the presents I received from my peeps but again I've been to lazy to take pictures. I love you all dearly and I'm so proud to have you all in my lives and to call you my friend. Please no hate mail because I didn't feature your presents on the blog. LOL

Last but not least, please join me at Scrapbooks N Stuff's blog. They are featureing great new challenges, tutorials, techniques and prize giveaways. Things are really rockin and my layouts will be featured so check them out and join in on the fun. Who knows you could win some prizes.

Well that's all for tonight... I'll leave you with one of the many photos from our trip to DC and NYC that I've been editing for the past three nights. Will it ever end? This was taken from The Empire State building.


RiNNE said...

Ady, it looks like you had a wonderful birthday judging from your entry here. I saw that card that Jo made you..i think her shading on the hair is the best she's done! And your party with your friends seem so much fun. I liked that pillow, especially the turquoise color! Can't wait to see more vacation pics! Your fam is beautiful!!

Damaris said...

It's ok my year I will simply give you a card. I hear Hallmark has a monopoly on fabulous heartfelt ones. And by the way: That picture/ being lazy crap is NOT WORKING!!! It sounds good but unfortunately it will not fly with your friends....I'm just saying....Seriously that pillow was awesome. Maritza better sew me a damn quilt for my B-Day!!! LOL...I am crackin' up here girl.
I am so glad you had a good time. You deserve it because the truth is you are an amazing woman and you are a TOP NOTCH FRIEND. I LOVE

Maritza said...

Thanks for the mention. I am thrilled that you liked it so much.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I'm so happy that you liked your presents and that Vera Bradley bag as well :-) Love ya!

jo said...

Awww, I'm still so happy you liked the card! Your birthday sounded awesome and your vacation pic from NYC is beautiful! :)

lawrenbc said...

happy belated birthday! I'm so sorry I've been so behind on my blog reading! hope it was a great day!