Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Session and One Little Word

Hi peeps, I'm back... I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's weekend. I had five fun filled days with my family in North Carolina. This is one vacation that will stay in my heart for a very long time. More on this on a later post so stay tuned for that.
(Warning, this is a very long post)

Today's post is on my Christmas photo session with the very talented Margie. We went to our favorite location in Homestead, Schnebly's Winery. Yes, we have a winery in sunny South Florida. The owner's are friends of my DH so we try to go as often as we can. I love the environment and I feel as if we are on a little getaway when we go there so we wanted the surroundings to reflect in our photos... I love my photos and I can't wait to scrap some of these pictures. Here are some for your enjoyment...

This was the winner this year for our Christmas card. It was the best photo of my son without a fake smile. I really need to work on his smile with him. It was so forced in most of the photos but this one was definitely a winner. BTW, I love that door. It looks so pretty in photos...

This one was a close contender until I saw his smile... What was he thinking? It's still a great photo and again I love that door...

This is one of the waterfalls on the property... Look how big my son is getting. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to stand in front of him. I guess this means I better lose some weight soon because he won't be able to hide my extra pounds anymore. LOL...

These two photos make me smile... Here I see my little baby... He loves to be silly and have fun.

This photo gets me all emotional because I realize that my baby is growing up and the days of carrying him and all the wonderful moments us mothers share with our babies really go so fast... Really the love of a mother knows no boundaries. I wish I can go back in time and have a couple of more years of him as a baby.

This is a great picture of my DH and me... I can totally envision a layout using this photo in celebration of 5 years of marital bliss...

This next set of photos are my favorite photos of me. My "One Little Word" for 2009 was believe. I wanted to believe in all things again... including myself... These photos represent the growth I made this year. This is the true me... Happy, Strong, Confident and Playful. Thank you Margie for capturing me perfectly.

On to my OLW for 2010. I thought long and hard and the best word to describe what I want to achieve this year is "Reduce".

By definition these are the following things I want to reduce in my life.

1- Consolidate my expenses. Reduce the unnecessary spending in my life.
2- Narrow down the things that really matter to me and let go of what's not important in my life.
3- Restore to righteousness and just do what is right at all times no matter what others might think or say.
4- Lose the weight that I have allowed myself to gain within the past ten years. I know this is my hardest journey but it is one I have to take for the sake of my health and the sake of my son. I want to be healthy and strong for him.

If you've never had a word than I strong suggest that you pick one and really apply it to your life. You never know, it might really make a difference. It sure has for me.

Well peeps if you've read this far than you totally deserve a prize. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to read a little bit of my life... I wish you all an amazing new year filled with love and happines.



Maritza said...

Where's my prize? LOL. Love the pictures. WOW, you guys are hot.

Damaris said...

Great pics. Your family is beautiful my friend! That photographer is kicking!!! LOL.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Love, love, love the photos!!!! They're beautiful. I see some gorgeous layouts in your future. :) xoxo

Marlene said...

I so love reading your blog, you are such a smart woman. I'm in on the weight loss. The pictures are gorgeous, you have a beautiful family. Love your new profile pic.

jo said...

Wow your pics are GORGEOUS! Love them all!

I love your OLW too. So appropriate and fitting for my life too. Good luck on your journey!

lawrenbc said...

these pictures are truly amazing!