Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been fitting a bug so blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I really had all intention of posting last weekend but exhaustion took over and ya I had nothing...

Our anniversary was very nice and relaxing. We had the entire theater to ourselves. The food was delicous and it's amazing how they bring out the entire meal within 10 minutes of ordering. The movie was super cute. I definitely recommend it for a date night but keep in mind it's a total chick flick. My DH actually thought some parts were funny.

Saturday was Pine Derby for Cub Scouts. D worked on his car with both dads and he liked how it turned out. He won third place on the race so he was happy. (Well, he was upset at first because he thought he had second so a bit of persuation on my part and all was well in D land.)LOL The things we must do as mothers. I think I enjoy scouting more than he does. We have such a great group of kids and the parents get along so well. We always have a good time.

Change is always good. I sometimes don't see it because change scares me but with each passing day I learn and explore. My DH has been wanting to go to church. I too but apparently not enough do to research to find a new church. You see, my church is boring... I'm not going to pretend it's anything else than that. You mention church to D and he throws a fit. Really, that is not the reaction we should give when we talk about church. Long story short, my DH talked with a lot of his friends that do go and most of them recommended this church. We went, we conquered, we ALL loved it so I think we found a church that suits our needs. I'm not saying that I'm going to go religiously (no punt intended) but I know that this sunday I want to go and I'll just take it week by week. It's funny, because I cried so much... I guess I needed Church as much as it needed me.

Well peeps I'm gonna try to post more frequently because these long post are killing you guys. Thank you for reading and for all the comments you leave. Have a wonderful weekend.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Thanks for the week's review in pictures :) Love that! I've been to that church and I liked it very much. It's quite lively!

RiNNE said...

Wow! Where is that movie theater? I wish they had something like that over where I live!! Great pics and post, Ady!