Monday, May 24, 2010

Key West

It's no secret that I love Key West. If I could afford to stay there every weekend I would.  Last weekend our Boy Scout group decided to take a camping trip to Sugarloaf.  This is our favorite campsite because we get to spiffy up and have a night out on the town Key West style. 

I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful group of people that have the same philosophies on raising children.  We get along so well and I consider them family.  Not to mention that I trust my son with the other  dad's in the group whole heartedly.  They watch over him as one of their children.

Here are some fun photos from our trip.  I even took my God Daughter Nina with us.  She is such a wonderful girl.  I love taking her on vacation with us. She knows how to have a good time and I never have had to reprimand  her. I love her to pieces.

These are just a couple of my favorite photos.  I'll be back with more because I am in a scrapbooking frenzy. I have made 11 layouts with Studio Calico's May kit.  I am on a role so I'm off to create a couple of more layouts before the juices stop flowing and I lose interest.  BTW, these layouts are total scraplifts.  The design team is amazing and I had over 30 layouts that I loved to choose from. I'll be back later this week to share my lovelies.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday.



RiNNE said...

Such great fave is the one of the bridge (amazing!). I fell in love with the May SC kit too! And the DTs did such a GORGEOUS job! Can't wait to see your creations! 11 l.o.!! WOWZA! I've got none!

jo said...

So fun! I've always wanted to take a trip to Key West! Maybe whenever we get to go to Orlando I can sneak in a trip! Great pics! :)

Can't wait to see your 11 layouts! :)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Yep - Key West is awesome :) Glad you had a great time :) I am in LOVE with the May SC kit -- see, told ya you should subscribe. LOL! xoxo

Damaris said...

Love the pics. Key West is just an amazing place. Even I slow down when I get there. It's just a different kind of life style. When I win the lotto, I will buy you a house down there next to mine....LOL! Scraplifting...IT'S A GOOD THING!!! I can vouch that the designers on that team are pretty fantastic. Vane and your LO's were really good. QUE VIVA SCRAPLIFTING!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!