Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Its official... I am in holiday mode... Sorry Thanksgiving, I skipped you this season but believe me I have given plenty of thanks to my blessed life.  I'm still purging from every nook and cranny I can find at home. It's amazing how much stuff we can collect for absolutely no reason.  My resolution for "TODAY", if it doesn't serve a purpose then reuse, reduce and recycle. It's been so liberating for me and I feel that my home flows nicely...

This past weekend my hubby and I cleaned out our shed. We organized and purged everything in there. I started opening Christmas bins so I started decorating as we purged.  I haven't even gone through two bins yet but I pulled out my favorite decorations thus far.  I have a bunch more of decorations I don't use anymore so those will be going to my cousins house for their enjoyment.

Well, I've been blog hopping a lot and visiting my favorite blogs.  The inspiration out there is so overwhelming. I secretly wish I could take the month off from work so I can play and create all the beautiful things I've seen but alas that's just a DREAM.

I'll share a couple of these blogs with you today so you can be inspired too.

April Meeker: I met her at Spark and now I frequent her blog religiously. Check this post about an advent calendar.  I started buying nick knacks for my son so we can start Dec 1.  I already have a beautiful advent calendar I bought a couple of years ago.  I'm writing down little messages for my son with clues to where he can find his gift. I think he'll love it.

Side note:  My son is 11 and he's growing so fast.  This year he's only asked for a bike and nothing else.  I think this will be great for us to bond and look forward for the season especially because he knows the TRUTH about SANTA...

Ali Edwards: Her website is FULL of inspiration all the time.  This year I'm focusing on starting and finishing my December Daily.  I have attempted this twice before and have yet to finish one.  Her concept this year is super easy to follow so I'm hopeful that this is the year it gets finished....

Becky Higgins:  She just released sneak peeks on her new PROJECT LIFE for 2011 and I'm in love with it. I really think I'm going to do this next year. At my pace, no rules, just fun.... Crossing my fingers.  She also has some beautiful Christmas card downloads that are free.  I really like one of them so it just might be my card for this year. We'll see.

Last but not least, I visited Karen Russell's blog a bit ago and was flooded with emotions when I read her post.  I've been struggling with this for awhile, wanting to go but not making it a priority in our life.  This is on the top of the list I need to grasp a hold of.

Well, I think I've lead you to a bunch of places for reading material. I hope you enjoy your travels in blog world as much as I have. Have a wonderful rest of the week.



Balou said...

omg, I need to purge SO badly. But I jsut can't seem to get myself motivated.

I never finish those long projects either. I've tried the December Daily, the Learn Something New Every Day, the 52 questions/list... FAIL! Good luck; I hope you finish yours.

I cried when I read Karen's post, too. =)

Maritza said...

I wish the PURGE bug would bite me really hard so I can throw out the crap that has been piling up for years. But December Daily I can finish'; go figure. Good luck this year.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I'm really looking forward to Dec Daily this year! I'll try to help keep you going :) you can do it! I saw Karen's post - so emotional and awesome! Xoxo

Damaris said...

Purge...did you see my pink room? I am about to throw everything out...that's is how I recycle. LOL

Nancy W said...

I wanted to do the dec daily but without us having kids I sorta feel like we have nothing to put on pages :( Hugs sweet spark sister!!