Thursday, August 16, 2007

Funny Story to share

My friend, Damaris, the women who introduced me to scrapbooking and has become one of my dearest friends has her own scrapbook company where she teaches, sells the hottest products and lives two blocks away (yippie for me). She knows that I am a visual person. I have to see things before I can really appreciate it. So, she brought over the Clip It Up thing a miggigi (?) so I can see it. She left hers filled with American Crafts letters at my house for a couple of days. Long story short by DH comes home and sees it and asks me what that is. I told him the story and I told him I was thinking about buying one and that I might put it on my Xmas wish list. When I told him the price he was astonished and says to me " Honey, why are you going to wait that's such a great price just buy it." Needless to say, he thought it came with all those letters. I almost died laughing and had to explain it was only the stand and then he says " Oh!" which really meant "you don't need that". It was funny anyway... I had a great laugh with that one and so did my friends... Here it is filled with goodies and I really think I need one because it really is practical.

This is the first page of my birthday album. I haven't received my photos yet but I wanted to do something scrappy today so I journaled about my birthday. I am working with my Cocoa Daisy August kit and the papers are just so freakin awesome I want to stay up all night and play but I do have to work tomorrow. Check it out... The journaling reads: I can only say that I had an amazing birthday thanks to my husband, son and my scrapping buddies. This hasn't been a great year for me but they showered me with love and affection and really made me feel special. They filled my day with good times, wonderful presents and memories to last me a lifetime. I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and terrific friends...

TFL and goodnight.


~Nancy~ said...

hehe.. such a funny story! I WISH it came with all the stickers! I would have bought one myself too.. whahahaha.. And love the first page of your birthday album!!! So cute! XOXO

The Creative Juice Bar said...

Hi Chica,

Three cheers for good times and being showered with love and affection!

I saw the Clip It on Corrine Delis website and it looks like a great organizer.

Who's Damarys? Does she have a sight? I went to HS with a Damarys in Miami. Could it be her?


Damaris Cuevas-Rios said...

Chica, only a wonderful, fantastic husband could possibly think that it came with everything...STILL LOL!!!

I really absolutely have fallen in love with this clip it stand. I highly recommend it!


Miriam said...

Hi Ady, I love that Clip It Up thingo ;) I have one that I definitely couldn't live without. Love your LO too, its gorgeous :)

Take care :D

Lisa said...

hey girl, thank you SOOO much for you super thoughtful comment! ya know, you are totally right. it's MY blog and i shouldn't let someone else make me feel bad about it. thanks for the support :) i really appreciate it!