Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Sunday

What a relaxing Saturday I had. I scrapped at home with my dear friend Damaris. I actually accomplised a lot in those couple of hours. I made three ATC cards, a Birthday Card and a work in progress layout.

At night we went to the marina to have dinner with JP and Jessica. We always have a goodtime. Funny or maybe not so funny thing happened to us after dinner. Jorge decided to treat for dinner. While waiting for the waiter, I was telling JP and Jessica the story behind me always checking the bill. It drives Jorge crazy that I do this but it's one of my pet peaves. I didn't check the bill today because I was entertained with the conversation but Jorge actually checked it around four times. Our waiter never came so we gave it to another waiter. We continued walking out of the restaurant and the waiter comes out to ask Jorge if the service was bad. We were a bit confused at this point. Jorge replyed no and than the waiter showed him the bill. Apparently there was money missing from the bill. Jorge had a fit and they had a long discussion about it. Jorge gave him the extra money and told him to discuss it further with the server that took our check from us. The waiter didn't want to take the money because he felt bad but Jorge insisted.

Moral of the story is that he should always let me check the bill too. If I would have seen what the bill was and what he paid I guarantee you that we would not have given him the extra cash. My husband is way to nice...

I'm off to visit my grandmother, my mother and than dinner with the in-laws. Have a happy Sunday.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Love the three ATC cards and the birthday card, too! Jessica must have loved it :-)

Jorge is too nice. I would have been upset and I'd have gone to talk to the other waiter so they know that someone there isn't being honest! Oh, well. At least you had a nice dinner with good company. That's what matters.

Anilu Magloire said...

Amen! I like to check the ticket too :)
Very nice scrappies!

scrapcat said...

cute projects!

Jorge said...

Yes, I am nice...and it was my fault not to have given it to our waiter. What comes around, goes around. :)