Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 3 and 4

My heart is racing as I post this message. It's 11:27pm and I want to finish before midnight because than it will be two days that I haven't posted. LOL... I skipped yesterday because I was busy with my hubby ;-) Yes, we were... We finally planned our vacation... I thought for a second it wasn't going to happen. We have airfare and hotel. I'm so happy.
I will finally be touching Puerto Rican soil. It's a running joke with my friends and family that I'm not really Puerto Rican because I haven't even been there. Not any more... WhoHoo...

I also was a bit distracted with a cute project I'm working on. I can not say more but stay tuned for pics on this cutie patutie project. I'm easily distracted when I have new goodies in my scrap space.

Day 3 of swimming went fine. The pool's computer went down and the pool water completely emptied out so they had to make due with what they had. D practiced what he had learned but really didn't learn anything new. Oh well, he still had a great time and he really likes his instructor.

Day 4 was so awesome. I'm so proud of my munchkin. He was ready to go when I picked him up from camp. He wanted to go straight to swim. He told me he really felt comfortable and safe with his instructor and he couldn't wait to learn something new.

Well ladies, thanks for visiting my blog and for all the wonderful comments. Please forgive me if I haven't visited your blogs this week. I really haven't been on-line much but I promise to visit you all by this weekend. I really appreciate your comments and don't forget about my birthday RAK...



Balou said...

I love those last two pics. Olympic gold medalist right there!

Maritza said...

He looks like a pro already. Peace of Mind is a wonderful thing. It seems like a million years ago I was doing the same thing. God Bless!

laverneboese said...

I'm glad your little swimmer is finally enjoying himself. My 9 year old finally got it together. He's actually pretty good. I need to take're a much better mom than me :)

Damaris said...

WHOO HOOO....Puerto RICO, Here she comes. I'm so happy for you girl You are going to have a blast. D looks adorable. Funny, how fear is put to rest so quickly with children...I wonder why is it that most of us hang on to fear as we get older...hmmmm...being a kid is pretty cool in my book! Can't wait to see what you create with these pics. OMG...your BDAY is almost here...I'm SOOOO Excited!!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

D' looks like he's having sooo much fun! Whoohoo!!!! Go D'Angelo!!!!! These pics are great!!!

I can't wait for your birthday.... it's gonna be so much fun, but since I already gave you all your presents, oh well. HE, HE, HE!!! Maybe you'll get a little something extra. Who knows?!

You're gonna love Puerto Rico girlie!!! It's amazing... I so miss my days living there... But the memories will last a lifetime! Although we won't make it this summer as we had planned initially, we're gonna go soon so Richard and his family can see my birthland!!! This year, it's a Caribbean sailing vacation!!! So exciting :-)

bwgayoso said...

How exciting!! You are going to have so much fun, not to mention good food in PR! Can't wait to see the pics of your trip ; )

These are great pics of your son. Can't wait to see them scrapped!

Anna M-W said...

Yay! Vacation! I have never been so take lots of pics!

So glad that you DS is liking swimming lessons.

And just to said:
The pool's computer went down and the pool water completely emptied out so they had to make due with what they had.

Have I been living under a rock somewhere? Since when do pools have computers? Damn I am getting old!