Sunday, January 4, 2009

Must see!

This was a great family movie... I totally recommend it...

I have a bunch of things on my "to do" list... Priority today is to take down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Let's see how much I can accomplish because than I have to tackle the scrap room which looks like a hurricane hit it hard...Agghhh

Have a wonderful day everyone... Unfortunatley, nothing scrappy going on in this house. I haven't been home long enough to even consider scrapping.

Peace Out!!!

BTW, if someone knows how to size my new header please tell me because it looks awkward so big... Thanks...


Balou said...

I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but this movie looks cute. I want to see it. Can you come take down my tree and decorations when you're done with yours? Ok, thanx! ;)

P.S. Sent you email.

alma said...

Me gusta mucho tu cambio esta muy bonita la portada de tu bloh.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hey my BFF! Lovin the new blog look :-) I love Adam Sandler and Richard wants to see that movie, too but there's many on our list and we just don't seem to make it to the movies that often these days... I told you I'd help you size your banner image - call me... I changed my banner again on Friday. Check it out... xoxo, Vane

bwgayoso said...

The girls are dying to see that movie. Looks cute, but like Balou, I'm not an Adam Sandler fan. I'll probably have Tony take them and then sneak off to scrap. LOL! : )