Sunday, February 1, 2009


I always thought I was but now it's confirmed! LOL... My cyber buddy Jo has bestowed this wonderful honor upon me... How dramatic huh...

And in the spirit of the award, I am supposed to admit 5 addictions and name 5 other bloggers whom I think are just as fabulous. :)
1- I'm addicted to scrapbooking
2- I'm addicted to Coca-Cola
3- I'm currently addicted to getting my house in perfect shape. My poor hubby isn't too happy about this one ;-)
4- I'm addicted to Clean House and Criminal shows when I actually watch TV.
5- I'm addicted to the color blue and green. My home, my scrapbooking pages, my clothes gravitate to these colors.
I'm nominating the following people because I think they are Fabulous too...

1- Vanessa- my BFF and partner in crime that I love to pieces
2- Damaris- my enabler of all things scrappy who I love so much
3- Lou- she updates her blog almost daily and I'm so jealous of her 365 day project
4- Laverne- she has mad skills for layering on her layouts and she's my stalker.LOL
5- Maritza- she's usually the first one to visit my blog and leaves a comment and she's been scrapping like there's no tomorrow.

I'm off to bed and the start of a new week. I hope to be back with some completed scrappy pages soon...



Damaris said...

tHANK yoU!!!!!!!! yOU ARE A sweetheart!!!! I promise to make a blog a better one this year!!!! BEginning TOday!!! LOL

Maritza said...

OMG! Thank you. You have no idea how truly honored I feel. All my hours of stalking have finally paid off. LOL

Balou said...

Thank you, sweetpea!! Aww, I'm honored. xoxo!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

YOU ARE FABULOUS INDEED!!!!!! Thx for nominating me girl! I just love you :-)

laverneboese said...

hahahaa. Thanks for the sweet award. I have to tell ya, my stalking skills have been sucking lately...but no worries, I've got it together once again and will be resuming my stalking duties ASAP ;)