Saturday, October 3, 2009

12 weeks...

Until what you may be asking... Well, yesterday I found a great website through Ali Edwards called Simple Mom and there it hit me... There are twelve weeks until Christmas. What!!! No, it's three months away, I have plenty of time to do it all... Yes, I went through a couple of momentary panic attacks but then I read the post and was totally cool again. That's right peeps, I've started all the topics on the count down to Christmas. Well the ones that matter to me...

  1. Started shopping for Christmas presents.
  2. Scheduled to make Christmas Cards with my peeps on October 10 with a Stampin Up workshop hosted by my beautiful friend Esther.
  3. Talked with my favorite photographer to schedule my Christmas photo session.
  4. Keeping it simple with the Christmas decorations this year. Going on the less is more route this year because we have a super duper special vacation planned and I really want to enjoy it with my family.
  5. Finally jumped on the band wagon again this year to do my December Daily and using these papers with these papers and these tags... So excited to order it soon and have it ready by December 1.

I realized that it was all cool and I'm totally ahead of the game but then I remembered that there are two holidays around the corner and I like to decorate for those too so last night D and I started the Halloween decorations.

Have a wonderful weekend.. I'm off to scrapbook with these delicious papers from Webster's Pages.




Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I love D'Angelo! He's so full of life :-) Happy Halloween! Oct is my favorite month... guess what happens this month? LOL!

Sharon said...

Glad you are getting so organized with all your holiday planning...I'm so busy these days getting stuff ready for the arrival of the baby, I've barely even had time to sleep...I tell you, time flies...I did start my Christmas cards (barely started, but I can say I started LOL) because I figured I will be too big and too tired by the time I have to get them done and mailed out...then after that, not much done...haven't scrapped since the retreat...hey, I started my Christmas cards! LOL

RiNNE said...

Ady, you are soo good with your holiday list!! I really need to get cracking since I'm usually also one to star shopping in the summer! And cute Halloween decorations! Aaahhhh, I can't believe how fast time is flying!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I panicked a bit when I read that 12 weeks til...stuff but I'm loving the idea of getting things ready ahead of time. And you are so smart to start Dec Daily right now...I've got to get on that!