Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where in the World

am I !!!! Sorry peeps for being MIA... I've been living life and it's keeping me busy. I'm at a stage in my life that I have to write everything down because it's so crazy. Here's a recap of what I've been up to.

1- Celebrated my BFF's birthday twice. Once with her family and the second with our scrappy friends.

2- I went camping with Cub Scouts and didn't take one single photo. OMG... It's very liberating because really how many pictures can you take of the same camp out with the same people with the same color shirt!!!LOL I'm ok with it.

3- Having a Halloween get together with some family and friends. Keeping it simple but I've spent a lot more money than what I wanted to but wow food is expensive. LOL It's ok because I do it for the kids and for those pictures.

4- Working on this mini album to put the said photos from above. The album is going to be beautiful but it's so much work... Can't wait to have it finished soon.

5- Made goodie tins for the kids and decorated a little around the house.

6- I'm having three garage sales in the next three weeks. WHAT was I thinking!!!! The first one is a fundraiser for Cub Scouts on November 7 so if you live near Country Walk come by and get some great stuff at great prices. The second is at Scrapbooks N Stuff on November 14. This ione is for my scrapbook stuff I need to purge. The third is November 21 at Damaris' church. This one is to declutter my home and have a fresh start for the new year. I'm hoping to purge every single corner of my house. Let's see if it happens. I'll give you more info on that one later.

7- Working on projects, projects and more projects with my son. How people do it with more than one child, I do not know. I guess it's because I over stress every single assignment and I'm anal when it comes to school. Perfection, perfection, perfection but yet I tell him all the time that no one's perfect but we must always do our best. We also did a fundraiser to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma society at Light the Night walkathon. Thanks again to those who donated. He collected $310.00, not bad for his first fundraiser.

8- Looking forward to spending time with my family. I love them dearly and I wish I could spend all my spare time with them. They give me strength, love and happiness.

9- Organizing my December Daily album. Vane gifted me some great tags from Elle's studio and I bought some others as well. They are all so freakin cute and I can't wait to start it after Halloween and complete it by December 1. Wish me luck...

10- Reminding myself daily to enjoy the process, live life and be happy....

That's it peeps... I know I'm not here as usual but these are the reasons why. Thank you for your friendships and for allowing to share a bit of me with you.

Please pray for my friends Vanessa and Damaris. They are going through some serious stuff with their fathers and they need our prayers so they can recover soon. I've been there and I know how much pain you feel to see them hurt so I pray for their quick and painless recovery.

Have a blessed week.


laverneboese said...

u r busy, busy, busy. i'm in the same boat, trying to slow things down a bit. but that halloween party looked awesome!!! and u are definitely insane for doing all of that garage sale stuff. but it will feel good to have a clutter-free house for the holidays :) good luck on your december daily album. i still have all my stuff from last december. i had such good intentions. sigh. i'll definitely keep damaris and vanessa in my prayers. i'll keep u in mine as well. u gotta take time to exhale girly. hugs...

Dayami said...

loving that mini...and the goodies...and that pumpkin boy is awesome. you know, i've always wanted one of these and for some reason i havent gotten one.
Love pics, thanks for sharing.

RiNNE said...

You have been quite busy, Miss Ady! But we are glad you are back in the blogging world! Awesome mini--can't wait to see the final results! Also, those goodies you got were fab!

Good-luck with your garage sale and your friends (*sending special prayers*). Wonderful job on the fundraiser as well!

PS..I can't believe you were able to go to an event and not take pics. I need to learn how to do that... but without feeling regretful!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Thx so much for the prayers and the support, my friend! I love you... Life has indeed been quite busy, hasn't it??? I mean, what the heck??? We need a BREAK! Oh, but I need to get you the stuff for the Cub Scouts garage sale soon... yikes! xoxo

lawrenbc said...

Busy is good! i have been very neglectful of my blogging as of late, and of my crafting for that matter, but I'm working on turning over a new leaf...And props to you for not taking the camera on the campout -- you are so right, it is LIBERATING not to be in charge of taking photos at every single event, and instead just enjoying the moment!

jo said...

Wow! You sure have been busy! I'm just tired from reading your post and anticipating everything you have to do! Good for you and purging! Hope you make room for new stuff and make $$ getting rid of the old stuff! :)