Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is my current state of being. I'm pushing myself to get things done around the house. I feel down and out... I laid in bed all day Monday and wasted a perfectly good day. I guess the body needs it sometimes.

I did however have a wonderful weekend. My hubby and I went on a date night to cinebistro to watch Dear John... I didn't shed a tear ladies... It isn't because I'm cold hearted or anything but because I cried my a@$ off while I was reading the book. I recommend you watch the movie first and than read the book. The book has so much more details that the movie just can't fit in and the book has a different ending... That's all I'm saying.

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of attending one of my DH buddies. The wedding was at Signature Gardens. I was so excited it was there because I was able to enjoy it as a guest and not as the bride. I'm so happy we had our wedding there. The service is excellent and the hor'derves are too die for. I munched on so many that I couldn't eat dinner. My DH had such a great time with his buddies. They hadn't hung out in years.

Here are a couple of fun photos from the wedding.

Hope to kick this blahness and get back to being fun, exciting and witty but this is all I have folks.




RiNNE said...

Sometimes, you just need a day of doing nothing. Cool pics! Great that your hubby got to hang out and that you enjoyed your wedding venue. I heard from a close friend that Dear John (movie) wasn't that good. But I will watch it first like your advice says. Hope you're outta blah world!

Marlene said...

It;s ok girl to take a day off, you deserve it! Love the pics, you and your hubby always look great together.


jo said...

Definitely hope you kick the blah-ness of yours! Hope your day off helped! :)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I hope you are feeling less BLAH now and that our fun scrappy weekend together helped boost your spirit! I had lots of fun and cannot wait to do it again! Hugs!