Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pressed For Success

(Warning: Photo heavy post...)

This turned out to be a real fun project for me. At first, I was stressing the whole process of putting the album together because I wanted to use the perfect photos. I was between using random favorite photos or a theme... Really over thinking the process... I went back and forth for over a week. I was determined to finish this project before using any other kits.

Then, I came across these photos. Jorge and I went to Disney and Universal Studios without D'Angelo in 2007. Yes, you heard right. I went to the happiest place in the world and did not take my son and no I'm not a bad mother. It's just that mother's have to stick to there guns and follow through on threats. He was behaving bad at school and my final threat was taking this trip away from him. He continued behaving bad and I left him with his dad. I was so upset the whole drive up. I contemplated taking him but that would have back fired on me and I would be regreting it today. He KNOWS that when I threaten I follow through.

We ended up having such a wonderful time. A marriage definitely does need alone time and we were kids for two days and it felt good. So in the end these were perfect photos and so were the other thirty that I contemplated using. So my advice to you is "start a project, enjoy the process and have fun with it."

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our trip. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.




Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

It came out great :) Love your photos... you guys are so cute :) xoxo

Maritza said...

I love it. I love the LOs. Funny pictures.

RiNNE said...

Your pages are gorgeous, Ady! Love all of the elements!

Esther said...

Ady, love how your album came out!!!!

jo said...

Love the mini book! You did a fabulous job! :)

lawrenbc said...

this album ROCKS! Wow, you have been cranking out the projects!!!