Saturday, June 26, 2010


is well in my life again. Today my baby returned home safe and sound. He was so excited to share stories of all the things he did.  He did mention a couple of times that how could I have sent him into the wilderness for nine days alone and if I would have been able to survive without my family. I totally understood where he was coming from and deep down inside I knew he was right but I strongly believe this adventure will help him grow and learn to be more independent.  Everyone told me he did great but he was really homesick.  I can't wait to see pics of the trip but I'll have to wait patiently for those.  Here are a couple of pictures we took today when he came home.

I bought him a bunch of welcome home goodies. He really wanted some Crazy Bands so those were definitely a winner.

I love this picture of him reading a card I bought for him.  I love that he's at an age that he can understand and appreciate the little details that I do for him.  He keeps all the cards that I give him. It really makes me one proud mama...

These were the top three things he wanted to do upon arrival.

  1. Take a long hot bath
  2. Eat a plate of Mac and Cheese
  3. Watch TV for as long as he possilby could.
He accomplished the first two but only lasted one hour on number three... Poor baby was exhausted and fell asleep holding up his chin. I tucked him in bed and gave him a kiss on his forehead.  All is good again.



Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Oh my God he looks so BIG!!!!!! And so happy to be home :) Such a big boy!!!! I think this was a great experience for him though so that he participates in these cool adventures with other kids! I'm a proud Godmother indeed! Love you D (and you too Yayi!) xoxo

Maritza said...

So sweet and precious. God has truly blessed you.

Damaris said...

I know what he means. Although it was a fantastic experience it is a bitter sweet one. I am SOOOOO Proud of him! You have done such a great job my friend!

RiNNE said...

i bet he was talking non-stop about his adventures! precious photos and thanks for sharing!

jo said...

:) Love the pics! :)

lawrenbc said...

IMHO, I think you did your little one a GREAT service by sending him off to camp -- independence is SUCH an important skill, and it is a LEARNED skill. It will take him far! Love the pics and can't wait to see how you scrapbook all of this!

~Nancy~ said...

HI there girlie.. just stopping by to say hi. I hope you're doing ok! I've definitely not forgotten about you guys! XOXO