Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Improvements...

are time consuming, stressful, painful, messy but oh so worth it in the end. Hey, happy bloggers my blog has been neglected for some time now.   My house has been in an uproar for the past several weeks with walls coming down, other walls going up, plaster, sanding (lots of it) painting, purging, organizing and putting it all together again. 

Here's a little bit of history of my house. I've lived in this house for almost 15years. It's the house I LOVE because I bought it with my hard earned money. It's the house that my son came home to at 6 days old. It holds many memories that I cherish both good and bad.   My house is my safe haven and I love everything about it except two things. One, I wish I had more land. I don't know why because I hardly ever go outside. I guess it's because the house I grew up in had a huge yard.  Two, I hated my laundry closet. It was so uncomfortable to use that I detested laundry.  

A couple of months ago, I mentioned my dilemma to my brother (my go to guy for any home improvements).  He came over to asses the situation and he came up with the most amazing idea eva!!! I was super excited but he had other projects at the time.  Fast forward three weeks ago and here he was knocking down a closet in the hallway that had no function but to store junk.  It was located next to the laundry closet.  He worked on it on his spare time and the end result is an amazing laundry ROOM!!! Notice I said room and not closet. SCORE!!! 

I have the most beautiful laundry room this house could hold. I forgot to take a picture of the before but feast your eyes on the finished room. I LOVE IT and I don't mind doing laundry anymore, it's funny because it's so user friendly that everyone in the house does laundry, even my 11 year old son. 

Yesterday, I had a huge garage sale with my cousin.  I purged from every room in the house, the junk closet, the shed and even from the attic.  I still have plenty of stuff to go through but I was able to get rid of 80% of stuff that was not being used or was unwanted.   My final project for the year is to go through all my Christmas decorations and purge. I have 15 years of decoration to either use, discard or sell. 

Today, I'm working in my scraproom. I don't know what the heck it going on in here. Maybe, it's the notion that I buy too much and don't use enough or maybe it's because I'm a messy scrapper and I don't clean up after myself. I'm being honest here: I think it's both.  Here's a little peek at what the room looks like right now.  I have until 12/4/2010 to purge organize and get ready to sell all that's unwanted stuff.  Wish me luck. 

Well, I'm off to continue purging in here. Sorry for the long post but I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog again so I'm giving you all an ear full. LOL  

Have a wonderful week!!



Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Love your laundry room :) it looks so pretty and organized!! I know what you mean about purging... I'm pretty much done with my scrap room and now I'm focusing on the rest of the house. How do we accumulate so much junk??? Lol

jo said...

You inspire me to purge. Hopefully I can get it done!

Good luck on the rest of the home improvements!