Monday, December 5, 2011

December Daily Day 1-4


I wish I could post these daily but I'm being totally realistic in this journey. It took me awhile to decide on the design of each day. I want it to flow easily. I also wanted a technique I know I could do without resizing photos because Photoshop doesn't like me. I need straight out of the camera photos.  So my Epson PictureMate printer is truly my workhorse during this project.

Day 1

Each day has a front and a back side. I'm keeping the journaling consistent througout the album.  I'm writing  one story each day.  If you click on the photo you may be able to see the journaling.

Day 2

Each day is divided with a Hambly overlay with ribbon on the edge. This was a great project because I really used a lot of ribbon that was sitting around for an eternity.

Day 3

This was my second annual Boy Scout Christmas Party.

Day 4

Well that's all for now. I hope your enjoying the process of your December Daily...


Nancy W said...

Great job! xoxo from Conroe, Texas

Queenie said...

Beautiful layouts,pics and the colours!!
I am enjoying my very first time doing a DD and watching it get fat,lol.

Maritza said...

So glad your back. Love to see your work. Look forward to more.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

You mean the NON-process of my December Daily?! LOL!! I'll get there... eventually!! LOVE what you've done and you are doing a great job of getting the words and photos down... keep it up!! I can't wait to see more :) xoxo

RiNNE said...

Great pages! IT's wonderful that you're back!! I'm in the middle of getting my DD started. I think it's easier when you put together the book first and then just add in the pics, mementos, and journaling later.

jo ( said...

Awesome job on the first 4 days of december! I'm kind of regretting not doing December Daily, but we don't do special things every day in december anyway! *lol* Can't wait to see more of your album - especially when it's completed!