Thursday, December 15, 2011

OLW 2012

Hi y'all... I am diligently working on my December Daily. I'm behind a couple of days but I'll play catch up on Saturday before I leave on my mini-getaway... I love vacations even if they are short...

Anyway... I've been thinking of my new year resolutions for 2012 and my biggest goal is to "SAVE".  It started with the concept of just saving money but it's evolved into a lot more for me.  So my One Little Word for 2012 is "SAVE".

Save is defind as:

1. to rescue from danger or possible harm, injury, or loss: to save someone from drowning.

2. to keep safe, intact, or unhurt; safeguard; preserve: God save the king.

3. to keep from being lost: to save the game.

4. to avoid the spending, consumption, or waste of: to save fuel.

5. to keep, as for reuse: to save leftovers for tomorrow's dinner.

I'm really excited about my word and the possibilites I can accomplish in 2012 if I stick with it.  Have a happy Thursday and I'll be back with more DD photos this weekend...

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