Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making some changes...

I've been trying to decide what to do with this blog. I had every intention of making this blog about my love for scrapbooking. Unfortunately, some where along the road I lost the passion for it. Hence the lack of blog post. I'm only scrpabooking about one day a month with my scrappy friends but even then I'd rather have fun, chat and eat.  Don't get me wrong. I love the products and I'm still getting my monthly scrapkits from Studio Calico but I'm not putting them to good use.  My bff and I have been going back and forth with the same issues and we realized it's because we have too much stuff that is not getting used and it's bringing us down.  So we decided to pare down our stash and only save what we know we will use and what we love.  I'm loving that idea and I'm getting my scrap room revamped... Out with the old... This blog will also be getting some TLC in the coming months.

The other thing that inspired me was Amy Tangerine.   We took a class with her earlier this month at the Paper Niche and she was so awesome, down to earth, grateful, nice and she has an excellent way of teaching and connecting to her students.  I loved both projects and walked away with both completed... Whoohoo! She taught us some simple techniques that I know for sure I can do on my own. 

I am a SIMPLE SCRAPPER!!! Feels good to admit it out loud.  I like simple, quick and cute layouts. If I spend too much time on a layout I lose interest fast.  She talked alot about finding what works for you and going for it. I'm inspired but before I can jump into scrapbooking again I need to purge...

Tropical Storm Isaac is here in Miami, Florida today so I'm using my time wisely and preparing for the long haul of cleaning out this room of all this stuff. I'm hoping to sell most of it at great prices and donating the rest to my cousins church.

Here are some photos of our day with Amy Tan... I forgot to take photos of my completed projects but I will soon. 

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Esther Lozano said...

I agree 100%!!!! It makes it very hard to complete a project when you have lots of stuff to choose from. I barely use my stamps anymore...clean up neded there too!