Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank you...

For all your sweet comments both here and on facebook. I read back my post and I was upset with myself that I let my emotions get the best of me.  Life is hard sometimes but we must make a conscious choice to have faith and trust that everything happens for a reason. 

I'm feeling better and I hope to continue to do so for me and my family. I took some me time yesterday. I was surfing on-line and picked out some presents to put on my Wish List. My family is already making their list and checking it twice so now they can come here and see my Wish List.
Here are a few of my top picks for this year.

This Fuji Instax camera takes the cutest wallet Polaroids. I bought it as a present for my BFF. We took some fun photos on her birthday and the quality is divine. 

This is a great everyday watch. I can dress it up or down depending on my mood.

You can see the rest of my picks on the sidebar. I can't upload any of the Victoria Secret pajamas photos.  I LOVE these pajamas. They are expensive but a) I always get them on sale and b) they last a lifetime. I finally had to cave this week and throw some away. They lasted me three years. Not bad, not bad at all.

Well, I'm off to cuddle with my honey before he leaves tomorrow.

I'm working on the bones of my December Daily and I'm super excited about putting this project together.

Thanks for lending me a friendly ear. I really needed to get this negative energy out and you were all there for support. 



Maritza said...

Such a struggle to stay positive bust so worth it. We constantly have to coach ourselves. I will be working on my December Daily soon. I can't wait to scrap again. Have a great week.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hey - we must have been blogging around the same time - hee! Looking forward to my Dec Daily too :) I finished my Halloween banner (I'll post pics soon!). Love u, girl! xo

Nancy W said...

That camera has gotten my attention thanks to you and Vanessa! Hugs sweet Spark Sister!

jo said...

I want one of those cameras too! They look so fun!